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  • The Journey Continues....

    Yesterday was a big day for "Viktor & I" and Noetic Films. We were honored and grateful to have been awarded the very special Diamond Award from the California Film Awards in San Diego, California. Regrettably,  I could not join the award ceremony, which Mary tells me was quite an excitement. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the success of  "Viktor & I" and to all friends of the project who are reading these lines. This is a day of celebration!  From a small Internet cafe in Buenos Aires, I raise my glass to you!

    My visit to South America continues to be an amazing experience. It started off with presenting clips from "Viktor and I“ at a Logotherapy Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay, and a few days later at a Conference in Curitiba, Brazil. I am happy to say the message was very well received. I feel grateful for the opportunity to visit South America, learn about the places,  make friends and share new information about my grandfather´s life. As a filmmaker I am also enjoying the visual beauty of the landscapes in Uruguay and the North of Argentina where I cannot resist taking hundreds of pictures. My next presentation of "Viktor and I " will be in Lima, Peru. Following the Peruvian Logotherapy Conference, I have decided to take a couple of days off to visit Machu Pichu, the sacred Inca city in the Peruvian Mountains. I can´t deny that this is one of the most exciting trips I can imagine but the great blessing is meeting and becoming friends with many new people in this wonderful part of the world.

    I am always surprised that Viktor Frankl and his writings are known in places so distant in time and place to their origin. The only explanation I have is that Viktor tapped into the depths of the human experience and retrieved some fundamental truths which connect us all. As we continue to progress as a human race, terms like "Noetic" which he used to describe the dimension that separates we humans from animals, has become a popular term. (.it is the name my partner Mary Cimiluca and I gave to our California film company).

    The search for meaning plays a central role as a motivator and source of healing in our lives. This has become an undisputed fact among psychotherapists and is now making its way into mainstream medicine. The ideas my grandfather seeded have become part of our global consciousness, and even if logotherapy is not a mainstream psychology, other schools of therapy have adopted many of its principles. What could be better?

    I am glad to be able to spend a couple more weeks  in South America and experience its' rich heritage and the wisdom of ancient civilizations -and of course- to take more pictures!

    "Saludos cordiales"!

  • From the Director: Preparing for Latin American Trip....

    I am preparing to visit Uruguay and Brazil next month  to attend Logotherapy Conferences in both countries and I am very much looking forward to the trip.  From the 1950's, my Grandfather's work was published in many countries but perhaps the biggest impact was in North America and Latin America.

    For his first trip to lecture about Logotherapy outside of Europe, he traveled to Argentina in 1954.  More than 50 years later, Logotherapy is being applied by the third generation of psychotherapists and the numbers continue to grow.  50 years ago, North America and Latin America were markedly different.  In  most North American countries, one could see economic stability, wealth and freedom while in Latin America there were apparent instabilities and economic hardship.  At first glance,  there were not many commonalities yet both extremes seemed to have one effect living in both environments:-the conditions in both seemed to provoke the existential question - why?

    Questions of why understandably arise when one struggles to make a living or just to survive but life in an affluent society, where most needs are met, surprisingly can have the same effect.  As Viktor often said, "once we have all we need to live by, we still haven't addressed the question of what we are living for".  If we do not set out to answer this question for our own lives, this lack of meaning may lead to a constant and serious state of suffering--suffering from an "existential frustration".  To fill the "existential vacuum" with meaning is a continuing challenge to people living all over the world, in different environments and societies, then and now.

    Viktor and Elly visited both "Americas" many times and made many good friends.  When the film is released next Spring, you will see many of those interviewed  and for all the others, thank you.  I will keep you all posted during the trip.            -----Alexander Vesely

  • From the Director...Alexander Vesely


    Dear Friends of "Viktor and I“, 

    Thank you for your interest in my film and the support you are giving to this project. My partner Mary Cimiluca and I are truly amazed by the numbers of people following the progress of it. It shows that the search for meaning is a timeless topic and there is a new generation re-discovering the significance and actuality of my grandfather´s  work today.

    I was often asked to share my personal recollections of Viktor on conferences and in interviews. But when people asked me to make a film about Viktor, I always rejected the idea mainly because I wouldn´t know where to even begin. Over time I realized how many of his friends and collegues there are in the world, who could also share their personal stories and impressions. So I began interviewing them one by one, collecting many hours of fascinating and previously untold stories of a man who was trying to be simple, yet was often too complex to be fully understood. The result is this film, which I think will allow you to get to know Viktor Frankl in the way those closest to him did.

    Again thank you for your support - we will keep you updated!